Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finding Wholesale Name Brand Clothing - Stop Paying Retail at the Malls Today

By Jeffrey Tymczak

If your in the market for finding wholesale name brand clothing, you can get some great deals on top of the line apparel, right from the comfort of your home. Next time you are shopping on the internet, here is some information for getting the best deals on the best quality merchandise. There are many online retailers that offer wholesale pricing, however, the apparel are either knock-offs, or the tags are taken off the clothing, or worse yet, you're given items that you didn't pay for in the first place.

The real trick to finding wholesale name brand clothing is the companies experience. Your looking for a company with a track record, the web site should have page describing the companies history, how long they have been in business and details about buyers testimonials too. Beware of websites with promises of name brand apparel that appear to have been in business a few days/months. You had better do research before you buy from a company with great prices, and no track record or you're just asking for trouble.

Lets say you begin your search looking for Champion apparel, whether it be baseball jerseys or caps, the original tag should be on all the items you purchase, whether you buy one piece or one thousand pieces. All original tags should be sewn on every piece you purchase. Finding wholesale name brand clothing companies can be work, but if you simply check the companies history, and inquiry all items are brand new with original tags, your in great shape.

Most online apparel wholesalers carry an assortment of name brands from Adidas, Champion, Nike and more. You can not purchase apparel directly from Champion for example, so finding an online bulk supplier offers a great way of finding wholesale name brand clothing without the huge quantities needed to buy from a manufacturer directly. In today's market, you can buy a few pieces of many different name brands, all at one web site, and enjoy free shipping on your order too. The little work you do researching a supplier, pays off tenfold don the road. A great source for name brand clothing is