Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hip Hop Clothing Wholesale Supplier - Putting Up a Hip Hop Clothing Wholesale Business

By Dennis William Platinum Quality Author

The roots of hip hop clothing can be traced from the African-American youths who were drawn to the influence of the underground culture of the United States. They were seen sporting baggy jeans and oversized shirts with several bling-blings and conspicuous jewelries. This is the fashion statement of the hip hop industry. Till now, it has evolved and continues to do so and with the rising rage of hip hop fans, going into the business of hip hop clothing may seem a viable thing.

Hip Hop Style

Hip hop clothing is the comfortable and fashionable style of most party-goers. It is the style that is mixed with a tinge of fun in it. They come in textured and bold patterns and colors. It is also the style attached to people who love hip hop music, "YO!" and the old school rap. From a variety of satin blouses and dresses coupled with cap sleeves or haltered dresses or blouses with loud prints and tube dresses, these are hip hop clothes for the free dressers. A trench coat would also go matched with a tee shirt, trousers and jeans, and the famous bling-bling.

Hip Hop Fashion Development

Hip hop clothing continuously evolves even up to recent times. Hip hop clothing never goes out of style, and so does the business of hip hop clothing wholesale suppliers. The emergence of gangsta rap created a sub-genre of hip hop styles that resembled street thugs and inmates in prison and their famous tattoos and bandannas. But they still wore those low-hanging baggy jeans that were almost sagging to the ground. Recent hip hop styles are shown to be influenced by preppy and hipster styles. Short-sleeved and tight fitting shirts replaced the oversized shirts; tight-fitting jeans overpowering the baggy jeans and tracksuits with sports coats. But the ubiquitous display of jewelry remained although it was now replaced with silver and platinum ones.

Hip Hop Business

With the continuous evolvement of hip hop fashion, many would want to venture into the hip hop clothing business. And yo, maybe going into the wholesale business is the way to do it. You just need a good deal from a hip hop clothing wholesale supplier because they give you great value with less money. A wholesaler of hip hop clothing is the greatest source of your supply of hip hop clothes. With the rage of demand growing in the hip hop industry, venturing into a wholesale business of hip hop clothing seems a profitable idea.

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